During the dates in which the race is programmed to be held, participants are expected to face temperatures ranging between a minimum of -5ºC and a maximum of 10ºC.

There are no mandatory vaccines, although we do recommend that your tetanus vaccine is up to date.

Although it is a competition open to all types of cycling lovers, it is recommended that participants are in good physical shape and undergo a previous medical exam (stress test). Participants must also have a good rhythm in order to pedal for many kilometres and to arrive within the maximum set time. Participants must present a medical certificate, signed and sealed featuring a collegiate number in order to be able to participate. Download document HERE.

The registration fee includes a medical assistance insurance in Saudi Arabia and repatriation to Spain in urgent cases.

For further information email: info@titandesert.com

Although the medical service will take all the necessary materials, each participant must take their own first air kit consisting of:

  • Anti-inflammatories: like ibuprofen, aspirin and paracetamol.
  • Diarrhoea medication: Fortasec.
  • Potassium for cramps: Boy-K.
  • Disinfectant: iodine – topionic or betadine: for wounds or to dry sores on hands, feet or seat.
  • Bandaids, plasters and gauze for chafing of hands and feet.
  • Pomades for the chafing: hydrating pomades such as those for nappy rash.
  • Hydrocolloid bandages: in order to protect burns.
  • Oral rehydration solution by Casen or other brands in order to hydrate during the race or to rehydrate upon arrival at the compound.

Don’t forget sunscreen!

Ideally with water and isotonic drinks, in equal parts. If you drink 4 litres during a stage, this would ideally mean that 2 litres are water and the other 2 isotonic drinks.

During the race, besides pedalling, you may also have to walk. Therefore, it is recommended that the bicycle shoes do not hurt your feet in any way. It is important to have worn them before.

It is also important to change the jersey and culotte every day or, should this not be possible, to clean them of any sand as sand favours the appearance of sores.