The compounds are located in the middle of the dessert, generally in uninhabited areas far away from urban centres. Some compounds are located in areas featuring permanent structures which improve their comfort and service levels.

During the race, there will be a varied and nutritional diet, rich in carbohydrates, vegetables, cereals, pasta, rice… everything the riders need in order to overcome the demanding race days.

The compounds will have everything necessary to live there. Washrooms, showers, restaurant, medical service and jaimas with beds for 3 people, each one equipped with a mattress, sheets, a pillow and a towel.

The organisation will use their criteria in order to distribute the riders; in jaimas of three people, usually by teams.

If you wish to share a jaima with a friend or colleague that is not part of your team, the request can be made to the organisation through your profile before registrations close.

There will be an exclusive jaima area for women.